Clients Testimonials: 
Carol Ann:
He got me into shape after Covid quarantine, Netflix and DoorDash. Very professional.
Len's an awesome trainer, I've been working with him (3x/week) for about 4 months. It's a totally private training studio, well-equipped, and super clean. It's a good combination of cardio and strength training - he pushes hard and I definitely feel and see the results. He also offers discounts for buying sessions in bulk.



Can honestly say that private training here has gotten me through this pandemic. Last summer, I was at a low point, and decided I needed to work on myself. I've never been athletic or fit, so after seven months of twice a week sessions I'm thrilled and a little shocked at the improvement in my physical and mental state. If you struggle with willpower or like me, just didn't even know where to start or what to do, you won't regret trusting Len to help you with your fitness goals. He's good at pushing you hard, but also very chill so the vibe is positive. Also his space is beautiful and the equipment is top notch. Extremely clean and sanitized also. Highly recommend.



I have been interested in exercising for years but have been deterred from gyms and studios in the past, due to my insecurity of not meeting the presumed unspoken minimal fitness bar. Shortly after relocating to Brooklyn and gaining significant weight during the pandemic, I began my search for a Covid compliant trainer that would welcome me in my current state. After reading raving reviews online, I landed on LEN3A.

Len has vastly exceeded all of my expectations from Day 1. He conducts himself with the utmost professionalism at all times and has excelled in crafting a truly judgment-free environment. LEN3A is an inclusive safe space. The minimalist 2-level studio is aesthetically pleasing and maintained at the highest level of cleanliness.

Throughout our sessions, Len consistently analyzes, listens, affirms, challenges, and refines. His workout plans are highly customized and are far from mundane. He is committed to ensuring sessions are engaging by introducing variety. Len’s attention to detail, and stern yet gentle approach to pushing the body’s abilities, has resulted in me being in the best mental and physical shape of my life in just 3 months.

To label Len as a personal trainer is an oversimplification as he dons many hats. My relationship with Len feels as if I have an integral partner throughout my holistic wellness journey and that, paired with his focus on diagnostics and optimization, is the key differentiation of the LEN3A experience.

I’m extremely fortunate to have Len in my corner. To say I recommend LEN3A would be a grave understatement, rather, I believe those looking to transform their lifestyle would be doing themselves a great disservice by not seeing Len first-hand.



Highly customized, challenging workouts and extremely personable guys. Much better than a gym membership



I’ve been working out with Len for nearly 4 months now, and I’m thrilled with my results.

Len is only the second trainer I’ve ever had and I attribute that largely to the fact that as challenging as the workouts are, I’m addicted to them.

I ran track in college and have been no stranger to the gym since graduating 10 years ago. Like many former athletes, I found myself locked in a cycle of the same workouts over and over, combined with an increasingly demanding work and travel schedule. Boredom and fatigue caught up with me and maintaining a consistent workout schedule was really difficult.

I stumbled upon Len’s studio while going on a walk through my neighborhood and as I was searching for new gyms in the area to cure some of my boredom a few days later, the studio came up in my yelp search. I decided to give it a try and have been there nearly every week since.

Now I have to say that Len’s workouts can certainly be HARD (especially in the first few weeks) but they are unlike anything I was doing on my own in a weight room. I’m building real strength and have noticed more balanced muscle development than I was able to achieve by myself (i.e. my hamstring to quad ratio is far better). I also look and feel amazing but I’m most proud of the my personal and mental growth I’ve achieved as I’ve grown stronger over the past few months. I am working hard in every session, and appreciate Len’s attention to detail.

He’s also been really flexible with my schedule. Sometimes I have to travel at the last minute and he’s always cool about it.

If you are serious about your health and fitness goals, this is the studio for you. It is beyond worth it and you will not regret it. Invest in yourself!



I've been training with LEN3A for almost two years now. I've lost 50 lbs, and my energy, strength and endurance are all night and day from when I started. The space is aesthetically pleasing, clean and the equipment is high quality and well-maintained. They have consistently worked with me on the timing of my workouts when there have been changes in my schedule. I don't think I've ever repeated the same workout twice over my entire time there and I go three times a week. On top of all that, the trainers are all really nice guys who know when to push you and when to let you take a little more rest. As someone on the wrong side of 35, that makes a big difference in keeping me active and healthy. Overall, I can't recommend them enough. I am a very happy customer.


I've worked with many trainers over the years and when I moved to my new apartment in Clinton Hill I was looking for someone close by and stumbled upon Len3a on yelp. The reviews were strong as were the photos (great space!) - so I gave the studio a try. Fast forward six months later and Len has been the most patient and supportive trainer. Pushing me to my limits in a good way and always checking in to ensure I'm doing ok. I've seen a change in my body in that time - I love that I feel stronger, faster and more capable. This process is just that, a process, and it's great to have the support of Len as I continue to stretch myself and grow.


Training with Len has been by far the best experience and investment I've made for myself. In only a matter of weeks I began to notice a difference in my appearance and strength. A few months later and the changes are now noticed by others. Len is professional and the studio is a wonderful space that really helps me focus on the workout. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their fitness goals to the next level.


Go see Len! After 8 months of weekly training, I am feeling really strong and good in my body. He works you hard (omg, the squats and lunges), but is also very attuned to how you're feeling and whether to push you a little more or not. Plus he is serious about working hard to take care of your body, and I always feel like he respects the effort I put into our workouts.


My time with Len has been indescribable. I definitely had my work cut out for me when we started six months ago, but over time and lots of patience from Len, I'm really starting to see progress. In the beginning I could barely get through a mile of running and as someone who used to run regularly, that was quite a heartbreaker. Now I'm down to an 8:30" mile and I can only attribute that to Len's expertly crafted, always enjoyable sessions. I've slimmed down 3 sizes since I started, toned up my arms and legs, and finally have a core. Len pushes you beyond what you think you're capable of and takes the time to tailor work outs designed for your body and your goals. He's also extremely flexible with scheduling which is super helpful as someone who's schedule changes week to week. I highly highly recommend him to anyone who's ready to watch their body transform.



Best personal trainer in the neighborhood. I started in March of 2017 severely overweight with back problems due to weak core. In a few short months I lost all the weight and have way better lower back flexibility due to targeted core exercises that he came up with! Highly recommend this trainer.


I've been training with Len for a little over 6 months. In that timeframe I've noticed changes in both my aesthetics as well as my strength and flexibility. During our initial consultation, Len took the time to explain his training methodology. Admittedly I was more interested in just losing weight than anything but within the first couple of months of training, that changed. I began to look forward to the strength gains, flexibility and cardiovascular improvements as much as I do the weight loss. Workouts are always changing and challenging which result in consistent improvements. He pushes me beyond where I think my body can go. As an added bonus his space is always very clean and sessions are completely private and personalized.


I moved to the neighborhood a few months and decided to start training again which led me to Len and his studio. I can honestly say it's been a kind of 'saving grace' in my life. Len crafts great workouts based on individual client needs, creating a peaceful and safe atmosphere. He's not only unique, thoughtful and patient, but truly one of the most wonderful people I've ever met. If you're looking for someone to help you meet yourself on another level, Len is who you're looking for.



My boss and her Husband started seeing Len last year and within two months of them working out all of us my job saw a difference in there bodies. After my best friend and I got the scoop on Len and his space we decided to go and check him out. 
Best decision ever!!! 
We have been going for three months now and we have never felt better, and even though it's to early to say it but we look great! 
Listen if you want results, if you want someone who is going to focus on you and your body, if you want someone whose knowledgeable, if you want someone whose going to train you for the hunger games (haha) then you need to come and see Len!! 
He also has great taste in music so you'll enjoy zoning out while planking!



So glad I found Len and his studio!

I started going to Lens studio to get more toned and to slim down a little bit. After just two weeks I began to notice a slight difference in my body, now it's been a month and other people have started commenting on the changes they can see. Before we started, I told him what my goals were and he jumped right in and is helping me achieve them. His techniques are great and he explains and demonstrates what to do really well. 

The studio is very very nice and always clean. Len also communicates really well with scheduling and is always super flexible, which is a big plus. You can tell he's passionate about his work and he will always push you, making you better each time you leave. When we first started I could barely get through an exercise without having to stop every couple of reps, now I can do a whole set without stopping and still have energy to do more. I will probably never stop coming here. Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone no matter what your work out goal is!



LEN is a consummate professional in his field of personal training. A true gentleman who knows his business well and comports himself accordingly every session. I depend on his expertise which has lead to a healthy encouraging experience for over three years.



Came to LEN3A in hopes of turning my inactive life around. I have tried many times on my own but continued to succumb to injuries related to bad form/lack of knowledge. Working with Len over the last 2 months has been amazing, he is very motivating, accommodating/flexible and knowledgeable, helping with diet and form. I look forward to working with him in the future, and would highly recommend anyone looking for a personal trainer to check him out!!



I came to Len in pursuit of a place where I can work towards becoming physically fit for personal and professional goals. I have a long history of being inactive. Len has helped me to make those goals materialize. Meeting just twice a week for about an hour I can see my body toning and becoming stronger. The studio is properly equipped, clean, calming, has beautiful art work and smells awesome. Len is flexible when I need to reschedule. Len is encouraging and will push you to challenge yourself. This is the best thing I've done for myself.



I've been working with Len for over a year now, and he's awesome. I've had a number of trainers in the city, and he is definitely the best. Unlike other trainers, he is focused on flexibility, in addition to strength and cardio, all of which are very important. My workouts feel very focused on my specific needs/wants for my body, and he always does a good job of changing it up. In addition, he is very communicative and the app makes scheduling very easy. His gym is great, and you don't feel the pressure of the typical Manhattan establishments. Finally, he's really cool and nice, and you'll enjoy his company during your time there!



I've been working with Len for a couple months now and the experience has been great. I already see improvements in my flexibility, muscle development and overall strength. Len is highly committed and encouraging when it comes to the work outs. He really caters to your needs and genuinely wants you to reach your full potential. The equipment is clean and the gym is very beautiful and private. I would highly recommend Len for anyone looking for the ultimate personal training experience!




LEN is the most personable, professional, welcoming, efficient and knowledgeable trainer I have ever come across. I have worked with several other trainers but never have I ever come across one such as him. He created an atmosphere that relaxes one's mind but energizes one's body to push at is hardest. He got me runway ready when all others failed. If you seek results and perfection...Go no further, LEN 's your answer.



I decided to start training with Len after noticing his beautiful space on Bedford Avenue. I was really glad to find someone so conveniently close to my home, but he's also taken great care to create a clean, inviting atmosphere so it feels like you're training in an upscale Manhattan studio. It's an excellent option if you're living in the Bed-Stuy or Clinton Hill area. It's steps away from the AC line if you're commuting. 

Len is a friendly, laid back guy, but he is also really good at pushing me when I need it. I set out this summer to regain some strength after years of working a desk job. I've really noticed a difference in only a few months.  Len also seems concerned with my overall physical well being, integrating stretching and agility exercises into every routine. He's excellent at encouraging me in the studio as well as in my other outside activities.

He's very accommodating to my schedule and it's easy to book him through his site or on the mind body app. I would highly recommend scheduling a session with him so you can see for yourself!



Len is great at what he does, and is super personable and professional.  He will certainly push you.  His private sessions are really engaging and challenging with SUCH a variety of calisthenics, cardio, and core exercise routines that change on the daily so you and your muscles will never get bored.  
The minimalist studio is tastefully appointed and is also curated with artwork created by Len.
I have been training with Len for 4 months now and it has been such a wonderful and unique experience.  I am seeing a noticeable difference in my strength, energy and physique.   I couldn't even do a single sit-up before I started.  Thank you Len!



I can't recommend Len enough!  He is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and clearly very passionate about what he does.  I've worked out with other trainers, but I would say that Len is the best I've had by far.  He is both efficient and effective, making sure you get the most out of every second you spend with him.  I hadn't worked out in awhile before seeing Len, so I really appreciated his holistic and balanced approach.  His workouts really challenge me, but he incorporates stretching and breathing in a way that make me feel up for the challenge!  In addition to his amazing capabilities as a trainer, Len is also a really nice and down to earth guy.  He's someone that will make you feel comfortable no matter what your fitness situation is.




I've had about a dozen trainers in the past ten years, and Len is one of the best. I had around six sessions so far. He has more of a zen approach to training - feels like we're mixing traditional training with yoga and stretches. There are a bunch of exercises using my own weight that I can copy at home or at the gym when I'm not training. I feel rejuvenated after a session, and not exhausted. Overall, extremely professional and knowledgeable trainer.



Len is the greatest trainer! And his space is even better! It is like working out in your living room with a professional trainer with simple undistracting artwork, candles and great background music.
There's never a dull session and he is constantly switching up exercise patterns also he doesn't use much machinery and focuses on calisthenics. It is definitely worth working out with him!