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C Penthouse | Vincent Van Duysen

To achieve an authentic approach for an urban loft is quite a hefty ordeal, as the dwelling format became a favourite around the world it also developed a unique identity around industrial materials and advertising/pop art as visual elements. To achieve a minimalist approach though, it’s not as simple as scaling back. Architect Vincent Van Duysen offers an abstract and sculptural approach, with a beautiful minimalism thriving with matte tones.

C Penthouse is located in Antwerp, Belgium; following that cue, the loft features Cubist artwork by Georges Vantongerloo, an Antwerp artist and co-founder of the art movement De Stijl. The abstract expressionism stands alongside beautiful colour tones, with burnt cement and dark wood as the main attractions. Each material dominates when needed, guaranteeing a minimalist sensibility and breadth to each room. As amplitude is stilled with ease, the demure artworks jump off the walls — a true art gallery manoeuvre.

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