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Haus Wiesenhof (2012) by Gogl Architekten

Architect In Charge: Regine Egg-Mitter, Hildegard Platzer-Rieder
Lighting Planning: Akzente Lichtsysteme
Photographs © Mario Webhofer

Location: St. Johann in Tirol, Austria

The client requested a getaway – a place of peace and contemplation with a strong relationship to the nature surrounding it.

This alpine refuge is a symbiosis of spatial openness and enclosed areas.

According to the design specifications, rebuilding or extending the house beyond the existing cubage was not permitted, which entailed a massive limitation for the design. Through the basic ideas of interlocking the inner rooms and the form design of an open and richly varied spatial structure, the architect conceptually compensated for the design restrictions and created a generous living and leisure space.

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