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Lambert & Fils’s Globe Pendants

Canadian design studio Lambert & Fils has produced glass globes within folded metal frames for its Laurent lighting collection, designed as a reinterpretation of classic pendant lighting. Founded in 2010, the Montreal based studio is mainly inspired by the Industrial Age with a minimalistic keynote. The Laurent collection is a series of extraordinary lamps combining the classic Bauhaus milk globe incorporated with sculptural forms moving between line, surface and volume. Different models assimilate any space with delicacy and calmness. The range features glinting glass spheres arranged in duos, held in powder-coated aluminium, chrome, acrylic or brass panels. The collection includes various compilations with globes placed adjacent to one another on top of a half moon-shaped support, or held at the end of a horizontal piece. The metal sections are made of solid panels, which reflect the two spheres, or a slatted piece which creates a striped lighting effect.

  • All images © Lambert & Fils

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