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Estante Cruzada

Designed by Pedro Braga

The “Cruzada" is a modular bookcase with mating parts without fixed screws. It can be assembled and disassembled easily without wear of materials. Their structure is made of sheet of Teak and the shelves are made of aluminum sheet.

Its production has few steps. The main process uses CNC machining’s, benefiting materials with good use of plate. The shelves receive electrostatic painting or automotive, to allow the customer the best combination for your home.

It features 195x195cm standard size and can be increased in 75cm, maintaining the same depth. The shelves have different forms and functions to be configured by the user according to their needs. Its simple fixing allows the customer reconfigure them, stimulating their creativity, diversifying the room and reinforcing the idea of “Do It Yourself".

This difference makes this product versatile and enables its ambiance in residential and commercial spaces.

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