hoyss: Hooked 1.0/nude and Hooked 1.0/small lamps by Buster+Punch...


Hooked 1.0/nude and Hooked 1.0/small lamps by Buster+Punch - a London based brand, lead by Massimo Buster Minale- unsurprisingly, a rock star in the design world. The advocates of “Black is the new black” will definitely applaud on this motto’s confirmation. Their products have distinguishable brass and black tones that stand almost as an antipode to softness and whiteness of the Nordic design choices- we would say, not by overriding their aesthetics but by providing a different- rough and elegantly dark look to interior designs.

The studio explores that language of design, which makes regular objects into exceptional lifestyle elements. Preserving the quality of ordinary, it convincingly succeeds in bringing to light an authentic and specific style.
The impression is at least to say a gritty elegance imbued with the sense of genuine passion for objects.


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