cmtbdesign: JZ tea trolley, 1950, by Jorge Zalszupin The Polish...


JZ tea trolley, 1950, by Jorge Zalszupin

The Polish born Jorge Zalszupin moved to Brazil after World War II, where he found an opportunity to develop his extremely sensual, modern architecture. A desire to rebuild a new post-war world and a wave of development in Brazil proved an ideal time for this creative atmosphere to flourish. Graceful lines, strong use of local woods and a combination of impeccable woodworking and classical detailing mark Zalszupin’s furniture.

Zalzsupin was one of the founders of the brand L’Atelier, a design collective comprised of architects, engineers, craftsmen and a full-scale team of professionals that did everything from researching materials to the finalizing the product. With the birth of the utopic Brasilia during the 1960’s and 1970’s, virtually no public building was left unmarked by the brand’s creations. L’Atelier’s designs stand as benchmarks of modernism to this day.

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