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Villa at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa of Jean Marc Lederman

French photographer Jean–Marc Lederman purchased this fabulous villa near the town of Llandudno at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. The original home was a boring two-storey brick box, but the view were spectacular and captured the spirit of the area. Lederman renovated the home, giving it scale and magnitude, he had long dreamed of living in a house that would have resembled the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. Before beginning renovations, Lederman wanted to get a feel for the space, so he lived in the house for a year, studying how the light moved during the day and depending on the season. The first step of the architectural transformation was the basement, which was turned into a photo studio, then he created a spacious terrace with a swimming pool and an attached garage. The results of the design experiments seem to have been a success, the owner enjoys his photography studio and his daughter loves spending time on the terrace by the pool, and friends have found that the house is the best barbeque in the area of Cape Town.

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