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One With the Desert: Staggering Residence in Joshua Tree, California by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg | via

This staggering residence in Joshua Tree, California is an example of creative modern architecture at its best. With a concept initially carried out by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, the Organic Modern Estate seems one with the desert. Work on this architecture gem started in year 1988. Even though it was finished in 1993, interior designer John Vugrin spent several years making “tweaks.” The result is a genuine looking dwelling in concrete, steel, glass, and copper, perfectly blending in with its rocky landscape.

The strength of the hard and rugged protective shell exterior is drawn from the desert, contrasting with an interior that exudes warmth throughout. According to the architects, the design highlights the masculine and feminine forms that are the hallmark of organic architecture. The residence is currently listed on the US market for $3 million.

Photography: Lance Gerber / Nuvue Interactive

Check out the video below.

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