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Alain Delorme (b.1979, France) - Totems (2009-11)

It takes three wheels and the full power of one man to get the consumer dream rolling. This man comes from a place where bikes glide Iightly between rice fields. He is one of those migrants who discover, fu|| force, the gray strips of asphalt, the Shanghai skyscrapers and the capitalist totems made of bottles, boxes, tires and crates. The man sags under his pile, but continues pedaling along, maintaining atenuous equilibrium. With each turn oft he wheel, he rattles the ”great factory of the world,” and can aspire to his share of this unbelievable « piece montée ». The man is at the bottom of the image, on the lowest rung of the social ladder, but he just may one day reach the top. For Alain Delorme, this series is about finding our way between the absurdity of the materialist world and mankind’s age-old dream of reaching for something higher. While keeping the Wheel turning. (Natacha Wolinski, Excess in total equilibrium, Air France magazine)

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